Reservation website:

Reservation information
18:00 entry
18:30 start
19:30 end
11:30 entry
12:00 start
13;00 end
※Basically one person in the group is responsible for the payment
  • The charge of one table (no more than 4 people)
  • One drink (beer, highball, all non-alcohol drinks)
  • Everyone in the group can take group pictures with the live members
  • Making the member’s card for free
  • People who have birthday in the month can have their birthday celebrated

How to make reservation

  • Please tell us the desired date, names, and numbers of people for the reservation.

Reservation form

  • Name(last, first):

  • Mail address:

  • Phone number:

  • Reservation date:

  • Number of people:


  • The reservation is table based (up to 4 people).
  • The table reserved is going to be in the stage area.
  • Rules for the cancelation of reservation is 3 days before the reservation day.
  • For delay of arriving, please notice us in advance. Reservation would be automatically canceled for any no-show.
  • There may be checking of passport for the date of birth.
  • Have the “Happy birthday“ song sang is free. Champaign and cakes are not free.
  • The member who has birthday that day is not going to be in the group pictures.